My Birth Preparation Workbook

This workbook serves as a loving guide and companion as you prepare for birth. Filled with tips, education, and self-exploration opportunities, the My Birth Preparation Workbook offers one place to hold your preparation journey so that you can birth your way.

My Birth Preparation Workbook

Part Journal

  • Thought provoking journal prompts to help you prepare your mind and heart.
  • Open conversation with your support team.
  • Help you uncover your strengths to birth. 
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Part Childbirth Education

  • Education to enhance your understanding of your birth and how to support it.
  • Expert tips and reminders from a birth doula's perspective.
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Part Planner

  • 4 pages of appointments so you can keep track of where you need to be when.
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What customers are saying...

“As a first-time Papa, the workbook helped with identifying areas that were not yet on my radar. The workbook fueled curiosities and also answered many questions while working through ”


“The birth workbook was an amazing tool to get s prepared for the birth of our first baby. Easy to read and understand and full of positive affirmations the workbook is framed to help determine how you want the birth to go - and what to do when plans turn sideways. Trina's book walks you through the "what-ifs and it really helped us ask the questions we didn't know to ask.”



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Topics Include:

  • Questions to ask on a Hospital Tour
  • Questions to Ask Your Provider
  • Pages to keep track of all your pregnancy related appointments
  • Exploration of the Heart Preparation for Birth
  • Tips for each Stage of Labor
  • Exploration of Comfort and Coping techniques
  • Medical Pain Management
  • Induction & Cesarean Birth Preparation
  • Home Birth Preparation
  • Decision Making Strategies
  • Embodied Consent
  • A 1-Page Birth Preference Sheet you can tear out and share with your Birth Team
  • Things to have on hand for the Early Postpartum Period
  • Creating a Postpartum Plan

and much more!

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