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Birth Preparation: The Details

  • Over 25 videos and 10hrs of content
  • Dive into the details you need to create your birth plan and preferences
  • Uncover all of the strengths you already possess to birth your baby.
  • Work through the My Birth Preparation Workbook to open helpful conversations with your partner, support people, and provider to ensure everyone is working together to support you.
  • Prenatal Body Preparation & Relaxation Tools
  • 3 Meditations
  • List of trusted resources for all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenthood!
  • Exclusive Drop-In Q&A with Trina over Zoom, offered twice monthly. 

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From Trina:

I believe that with support, all birthing people can feel brave enough to seek their biggest selves, to feel confident, ready, and even excited to birth their babies into their arms.

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What others are saying:

My partner and I took the online course and it has been so helpful! Trina is incredibly thorough in her explanations and has helped us feel confident and prepared. We really appreciated the way Trina presents information in a non-judgmental format so we could explore what best matched our values and needs.
-S. Smith


My husband and I took Trina's childbirth education course in preparation for welcoming our next child. Unlike many of the other CBE courses we took for our first child in 2017, Trina's course was evidence based, filled with both practical and physiological information, and had a loving reverence for that miracle of birth. We were shocked at how much information we received at such a reasonable price! There were no hidden fees or sales pitches which made the whole experience of learning from (and with) her in the self-paced course awesome. We highly recommend Trina! She brings a beautiful enthusiasm to her work and you can tell that birth and babies are her passion!
- C. Rae


There aren’t enough stars to truly rate how much Trina helped me. She gave me the education and confidence to help me believe that I could truly have an all natural birth- and I did! ... If you are pregnant and looking to be as mentally strong and prepared for birth as you can be- look no further!
-H. Ruyffelaert


What topics are covered in the course?

Birth Preparation: The Details

Anatomy, Stages of Labor, Birth Hormones

  • Anatomy of Birth
  • Hormones of Birth
  • Stages of Labor - Stage 1
  • Stages of Labor - Stage 2
  • Stages of Labor - Stage 3
  • Fetal Positioning 
  • Pelvic Floor 

All About Coping and Comfort in Labor

  • Comfort & Coping Introduction
  • Relaxation, Rhythm, and Ritual
  • Physical Comfort in Labor
  • Emotional & Mental Comfort and Coping Skills
  • Environmental Comfort
  • Labor Positions
  • Practice Coping
  • Medical Pain Management 

Medical Tools and Interventions

  • Medical Choices Introduction
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Fetal Monitoring
  • Assisted Delivery
  • Induction
  • Cesarean Birth

Postpartum Planning

  • Postpartum - Things you can Expect, What’s Healthy and What are the Warning Signs
  • Your New Baby - What’s Normal and What are the Warning Signs
  • Newborn Care Basics
  • Tips for Latching 

Meditations and Yoga

Favorite Resources

And More!

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