Hello, I'm Trina.

My mission is to help curious, engaged, pregnant individuals prepare for the transformation of birth through education, resources, self-reflection and exploration and… feel good in the process!



About Trina

Trina Baumgartner is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Birth Story Listener and RYT200 Yoga Teacher with certification in Prenatal Yoga. When you work with Trina you can expect warmth, honesty and support. A space for you to grow. As well as a safe space for you to come home to yourself.
What Trina loves about birth and parenthood is it asks us to become the biggest version of ourselves.
To embody the life cycle within us: the growth and birth of new life, our baby’s and of ourselves as parents, and the falling away of who we were before, the life we led prior to becoming a parent. 
The way we navigate, feel, and are supported through this transformation affects the rest of our lives. It affects our relationship with ourselves, our partners, and our children.
Our birth experience affects the entire world, for we are birthing the next generation. What greater responsibility than that?
As a birth worker, Trina is passionate about supporting, whole-heartedly, this process and holding space for this transformation. 
In the quote from Ram Das, “We are all just walking each other home”.  
Home to her means home in our bodies, in our hearts, our families and home in the World. 
Trina believes that with support, all birthing people can feel loved through their transformation. Have the encouragement to seek their biggest selves, to find home, bravery and love for and within themselves and welcome with all the grace and glory their babies into this World. 
As a Doula and Educator Trina is skilled and prepared to support you with physical and emotional comfort measures and natural pain coping techniques as well as evidence based educational support throughout pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. Trina also comes from a movement background, trained as a prenatal yoga teacher, she has a deep understanding of our anatomy and ways to support and balance the body and connect with our breath as a tool. She also brings her knowledge and practice of Reiki into her birth work, providing relaxation and comfort. 
New to Portland, Trina enjoys exploring the many parks, hiking trails, yoga studios and creative shops. Trina loves to talk about all things yoga, spirituality, birth, art, and good food as well as anything dog related, it is Portland after all! She shares her many adventures with her 4-year-old rescue, Ember.  
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